Enlargement means making room or becoming bigger. It refers to growth, increase and expansion. Divine enlargement is when God intervenes and brings about growth, expansion and increase in someone's life, family, ministry, business or career. It is the antidote to stagnancy and limitation that are attacking the destinies of people.

When divine enlargement takes place, stars will arise and begin to shine, caged destinies are loosed, fallow grounds are broken, yokes are destroyed, captives are set free, territories are possessed, and there will be revival, recovery and restoration.
This is the purpose of this book. It is a road-map to guide you in twenty-one days of prayer and fasting warfare that will launch you into divine enlargement in every facet of your life. With the scriptural revelations and over four hundred prayer points, you are ready to take the battle to the gates and possess your inheritance of enlargement in Christ Jesus. May God enlarge your coast this year beyond your wildest imagination!