There is a throne prepared for you, but a Goliath is standing in your way from ascending that throne. If you do not kill Goliath, forget about the throne of your destiny. Many Christians who are destined to be giant killers are not maximizing their potentials and fulfilling their destinies because of ignorance and fear. Goliath operates through fear. In this book, Pastor Leke seriously dealt with the issue of fear, which is the greatest tormentor of mankind today. Goliath threatened Israel for forty days but it took David less than five minutes to destroy him. The author shows that just as every Goliath has an unguarded forehead, every problem has a solution- the five smooth stones, JESUS. In a lucid manner, the author used case studies to elucidate that fear and faith do not mix and that we need boldness, persistence and authority to activate prevailing faith. He strongly recommends that our prayers should be offensive not defensive. There are over one hundred and fifty strategic prayer points in this book that will help you violently uproot every `giant' of your life and proceed to fulfil your destiny. A must read book for you!