Welcome to 2014. This is a destiny defining year. It is a year of Overflows. The gates of signs and wonders is opening to you. You must not joke with this year at all. You must engage in spiritual warfare.

Rev.3:7 tells us that Jesus is the key of David, He opens gates that no man can shut and he shuts gates that no man can open. You need Jesus to shut down permanently every gate drawing afflictions and constant troubles into your life. Shame must not have a gateway to your life anymore, but must get away perpetually. You also need Jesus to open to you wide the gates of divine assistance and sustenance in the New Year.

This is the time to take the battle to the gates. God has promised to give you strength. Every power at the gates waiting to hand over evil carryovers to you must scatter. You must enter the gate of the New Year with clean hands and pure garments. Be sure that you do not enter alone; let the King of glory enter with you. What the Lord will start with you this season, no power will be able to stop it in the name of Jesus.