THE YEAR 2016 is a LEAP YEAR! It is called a leap year because it contains one additional day. Instead of 365, there are 366 days in 2016. A year that is not a leap year is called a common year. So year 2016 is both an uncommon year and a year of addition.
I believe that this New Year will usher in uncommon grace and favour into your life and family. It shall be a YEAR OF UNCOMMON MIRACLES.
The word “leap” means to jump from one position to the other; to move or act quickly; to rise as if with a jump; to pass over. It can also mean a sudden and decisive increase; rapid progress; exponential turn around. It can mean moving forward or making progress in leaps and bounds.
It therefore goes without saying that if you will take a leap of faith, 2016 will be your YEAR OF DECISIVE INCREASE; YEAR OF RAPID PROGRESS; YEAR OF SUDDEN CHANGE OF LEVEL AND YEAR OF PROMOTION!
This book gives a prophetic insight to the New Year with strong biblical foundation and revelation. Using the book will give you the understanding of the times and know what to do to wage a victorious spiritual warfare to win glorious and fulfilling year.. WELCOME TO YOUR YEAR of open heavens