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Troubled times are real. What we are going through in these days and times cannot be covered with the veil of religiosity. The pain and pangs are real. The recession and regression are real. The plagues and poverty are real; the setbacks and sufferings are real; the bankruptcy and barrenness are real. So real also is our GOD. God the helper of the helpless is real. God the generous giver is real; God the proven provider is real. God the winning warrior is real; God the heavenly healer is real; God the constant comforter is real; God the silence of Storms is real. God the faithful friends is real.
There are keys to open the doors of breakthroughs in troubled times such as the world is in right now. Those keys are expressed in terms of the right attitudes that will guarantee survival and revival.
The chapters in this book explain SEVEN powerful keys that will help you win in this troubled times. Read, reflect on and release these attitudinal keys. Pray the powerful prayers points contained in the book and you will be walking on the winning way.

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