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Welcome to 2017. Glorious things are written concerning your destiny this year. You must speak and pray the mind of God into your family, finance, and future. It is a year of performance of God's wonderful promises.

It was on the seventeenth that the heavens opened and it was on the seventeenth that the ark rested. Gen.7:11; Gen. 8:4. The seventeenth year of this millennium (2017) shall therefore be a year of OPEN DOORS and a year of REST for your destinies.

Jesus Christ has the Key of David. He opens doors that no man can shut and He shuts doors that no man can open. He says in this year, He has set before you an Open Door and no man can shut it. Rev. 3:7-8.

You need this book of spiritual warfare to secure your open doors from the adversaries of Open Doors. They are many but with prayer and God on your side, your victory is certain. This year, if you pray very well and please God all the way, it shall be said of you: "The Lord has given you 'rest on every side, there is neither adversary nor evil occurrence'" congratulations for your Open Doors in 2017.

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